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Dorm2Dorm is a simple concept with staggering results. After all, the simplest concepts usually end up being the most successful!

We provide services ranging from summer & study abroad storage, room cleaning, appliance & furniture rentals, gift baskets, care packages, truck rentals, moving services, almost anything a college student would need or want.

Our foundational and primary business caters to students who lack the resources to store their belongings during the summer months. Dorm2Dorm absolutely thrives at a university with a large proportion of out-of-state students. College students often travel back home for the summer months, and either have no place to store their belongings (including furniture), or lack the willpower to do it on their own.

The market base for us is infinite. Arriving freshmen at any university are a never-ending supply; year in and year out, there will always be freshmen. Our company fulfills some of the most fundamental needs of this demographic.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to poke around our website; we encourage you to do so to learn about all the great products and services we provide at Dorm2Dorm.