Full Pricing

Breakdown of pricing

Monthly Storage (before discounts)

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Monthly Storage (after 25% discount)

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Accounts with a valid coupon code are eligible for the 25% discount. The 25% discount cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts unless otherwise specified. Students who store for less than 3 months do not qualify for the 25% discount.

All coupons, discounts, and promotions (unless otherwise specified) must be activated by the customer before it can be applied to his/her storage total.

Please contact customer support for instructions on how to activate the discount or if you have any questions regarding discounts and promotions.

Shipping and Handling (for packing supplies)

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East Coast
Packing materials are shipped via FedEx to all schools on the East Coast–hence the high shipping and handling fee. Shipments of supplies usually begin around April 20th for the summer pickup season, but specific shipment requests can be accommodated at no extra charge. Barring delays, all shipments should take 1 or 2 business days to arrive. 

Please make sure to provide us with a valid shipping address when ordering your supplies.


West Coast
Students attending schools on the West Coast will have their supplies hand delivered about 1-2 weeks before finals week. Last minute orders can be fulfilled, but please contact us by phone immediately if you are placing a last minute order for packing supplies. Supplies will be left outside your dorm room if we are unable to reach you for the drop-off.  Lost or stolen supplies will be replaced at no extra charge.

Miscellaneous Fees

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Misc Services

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The 5% processing fee for credit cards and debit cards apply to storage payments only. This fee can be avoided by using a checking account to pay for the storage fee. The eChecking form can be found at https://dorm2dorm.com/checkautopay/